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…tis the season…

A Halloween illustration I did as part of the ,#HalloweenCyberParty, an idea conjured up and hosted by the lovely  Jan Clifton Watford . Its an ongoing event all October, with all things Halloween related; book and app review, and of course illustrations. Everyone’s invited to the#HalloweenIllustratorsCyberParty – see you there Mette     Posted with Blogsy


Building up & knocking down expectations

Two more Skeches for Doodle day in March. The prompts given “building up” and ” knocking down”. The prompts had me picturing a big brother planning to make this amazing cake to impress his younger sister. However the result of the cake didn't impress her at all…       Posted with Blogsy


Sketches for doodle day in March

I can't believe how time flies, it seems like it was only yesterday it was December, and were already in March. Life's been busy with work, of which I can't really show anything, but in this month I manage to find time for doing some sketches for Doodle day and here they are – enjoy. […]


Waiting for summer to return…

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Blogging with Blogsy

Ever since I got my iPad 3 weeks ago, I've been trying to get WordPress to work, I mean the WordPress blog app, not wordpress itself. Last night I gave up and decided to try another blogging app, which turned out to be a great idea. I googled for blogging apps, and ended up deciding […]


Autumn ride