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Birthday invitation

While waiting for this week’s mini assignment for my art class, I decided to get the birthday invitation for my son’s party done. This month is so crazy busy, so I was so happy when to other moms suggested that we joined forces and collaborated on a birthday party for our kiddies this upcoming Sunday. […]


Yet another Birthday card

A birthday card for friend of mine; a Pisces who loves to dance, and adores his kittehs. And yes I know it was months ago, but I forgot to post this at the time.   Posted with Blogsy


Birthday card for a little big girl

Waiting for birthday guest can be a long wait, unless you can go on a magical hot air ballon ride with you best friend in your moms purse.       Posted with Blogsy


Building up & knocking down expectations

Two more Skeches for Doodle day in March. The prompts given “building up” and ” knocking down”. The prompts had me picturing a big brother planning to make this amazing cake to impress his younger sister. However the result of the cake didn't impress her at all…       Posted with Blogsy


Birthday cards

So many birthdays this week, it feels like I’ve drawing birthday cards and invitations constantly for the past week. The good thing about it is hat I gave me an excuse to try out some different styles. Here’s two of them for your viewing pleasure.     Posted with Blogsy