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blood on the moon

Last night, or rather this morning, my alarm went off at 3.30am. I had promised to wake up the kiddies so that we could watch the eclipse outside together. We bundled up on the deck outside, wrapped in blankets and sleeping bags, and watch the eclipse turn the moon blood red. It was an exciting experience […]


The night ride.

Grandma had told Lisa, that she couldn't join the other kids to play hide and seek after dinner, but she hadn't said anything about riding the moon…   Evening doodle for Doodle day's prompts : riding on & surprise       Posted with Blogsy


Painting with Adobe Ideas

Ever since I got my Ipad, I’ve been experimenting with just how much of the painting process I could get away with on the Ipad before having to transfer it to the desktop.  I normally use Procreate, which is just about the most amazing painting application I ever came across. However even though you are […]