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Week 5 party paper – Make art that sells

The last and final week of Make Art That Sell is over, and it’s time to breathe. The last week were Party papers, and we were to design a plate inspired by local flowers we gathered during the mini assignment. For some reason, the word flower, just blocked me, until I realized that I could […]


week 4 – Editorial Make Art That Sells

Week 4 in Lilla Rogers class, matsB – Editorial. Assignment this week were to draw a map of your hometown or a town you loved. Since those two options actually¬†¬†are the same for me, I did a map over my own tiny town. I had a lot of fun, coming up with icons and fitting […]


Week 2 in MATS B – Baby apparels

I had so much fun with this week’s assignment, Cowboys, cowgirls and rodeo for the baby and toddler market. I started sketching, Cowboys and cowgirl, but soon they turned into cowmice instead, and then came a butterfly horse along to join in on the fun. I was drawing non stop all week, and had it […]


Make Art That Sells, week 1: paper goods

First week of Lilla Rogers, Make Art That Sell, part B, is over. The assignment was: make a winter Holiday card that includes penguins and igloos. I started out doodling just that, without a clue of where I was going with this. I actually got sort of bored with the subject, but then I remembered […]