about trees and acceptance

We bought our house about 12 years ago. Back then, the neighborhood was mostly old yards filed with huge old trees. My street is not paved, it’s a gravel road, and I only have to cross one road to be in the middle of the most gorgeous woods. There’s mostly tall Scots pines, but theres also some old oaks, and birches out there. It takes about 15-20 minutes to walk to the ocean from here, depending on which path you choose. Needless to say I love my spot on this planet, and we fell in love with this place for it’s somewhat deserted and wilderness the first time we visited up here.

Unfortunately not all people who buy houses have the same love for old trees as I have, so over the years I have watched so many of the beautiful old trees been cut down around me, in favour of a plain lawns with nothing, but a fancy bbq and a large parasol. And this year, I have to say goodbye to most of the old trees flanking my own yard, because the neighbors want a fence instead…I keep telling myself, that there’s still trees in my yard, but I’m having trouble letting go of the 4 huge Scots Pine in my backyard. MetteEngellAcceptTheThings