Picking up real media again.

Lately I’ve been experimenting a lot more with actual paint. I started incorporating watercolor, gouache,  and other textures into my digital artwork a year ago, but the more i play with paint the more i want to use it. There’s just something special of mixing and painting in real life versus staying digital all the time.

Many years ago, I made all my illustrations in watercolor, colored pencils and gouache, but then I had kids.
Babies and toddlers are a wonderful experience, but you never know when they’re hungry, awake etc….so I started working digtial instead, because then I could work in between my kids needs without having to worry about forgetting my favorite brush in the water jar (yup, I ruined a lot of treasured brushes that way). Today my kids are 7, 9, and 11 – and they don’t interrupt my workflow as much anymore, partly because they’re in school most of the day.

Anyways after 10 years of mainly painting digital, I’m struggling with the real media, and while doing that i’ve been enjoying following Lisa Congdon on Creativebug for inspiration.