Make Art That Sells, week 1: paper goods

First week of Lilla Rogers, Make Art That Sell, part B, is over. The assignment was: make a winter Holiday card that includes penguins and igloos. I started out doodling just that, without a clue of where I was going with this. I actually got sort of bored with the subject, but then I remembered Lilla suggested make a card you would give to a friend, and then it all came together. The illustration went straight forward, I didn’t once stop to question my decisions and the card was done, except for the lettering by Friday. Which were a good thing, since we threw a halloween party for the kids and 15 of their friends on Saturday. It felt good waking up Sunday  morning, and just having to finish the planned lettering and then submit my work.
I hope the next few weeks works just a smoothly as this one.
The final card, and a few of my initial ideas and sketches, and a warm up study of penguins.
Happy Monday MetteEngell_penguinsMetteEngell_penguins and igloos