Brand new portfolio and new adventures

For the past almost 2 years, I've been focusing on taking classes and working on my skills. It's been almost a sabbatical, I've been fortunate enough to not having to take on a lot of clients, and just focus on my family and my work. As this year moves steadily to an end, I find myself happy with where my artwork is. So over the summer I've been creating new artwork for my portfolio and getting ready for what hopefully will be my new adventure; getting an agent.


This week's is my kids fall break, and although we do have a lot of engagements, I'm trying to slow down this week, before the last class for this year begins. Lilla Roger's make art that sells, part B. I learned a lot from part A, and I'm looking forward to part B. This time I know how much work to expect, and I think I'll be able to enjoy the process a little more this time with less stress.


Another project I've been working on this year, is illustrating a picture book. Luckily for me, this has no deadline, so I'll work on it whenever I can find some time. It's been so much fun, planning and storyboarding, and thanks to my critique group, I keep improving.



As I started this year, I told myself that this was my year, I hope that all my hard work will pay off, and that I can start a new chapter in my illustrator career by the end of this year.



Thanks for reading, and hopefully you'll enjoy my new portfolio.