Painting with Adobe Ideas

The tinderbox Ever since I got my Ipad, I’ve been experimenting with just how much of the painting process I could get away with on the Ipad before having to transfer it to the desktop.  I normally use Procreate, which is just about the most amazing painting application I ever came across. However even though you are able to produce fairly large images (A4 sized paper at 300dpi) , I still feel a bit uneasy doing an entire print job on the Ipad, which hopefully will turn out to be wrong, since I do so enjoy the freedom of working on the Ipad. It somehow makes the experience of painting and drawing much more like working traditionally rather than digital.

Anyway, I started to use Adobe Ideas again. And since it’s a vector based application, I don’t have to worry about whatever size my work needs to be printed in the end.

I love working in Ideas, but I still miss the smudge tool in Procreate, which btw works like a charm, without the hassle of slowing down your entire workstation as Photoshop’s seems to do a lot. Besides Procreates smudge tool, and brushes, just looks better than Photoshop’s…imho.


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If you are on an Ipad, and want to check out either program you can find them in the Itunes store:


Adobe Ideas