Drawing on the iPad


I decided to retire my old tablet, an eeepad from Asus, and replacing it with an iPad retina. What a difference! I used to draw in sketchbook pro on my tablet, and then take it into photoshop on my laptop, but with the new amazing world of drawing apps that has opened up to me, I think photoshop will be sitting alone collecting dust …..most of the time.

Procreate and iDraw are my new best friends, those two programs, combined with the iPad can almost completely eliminate the need for photoshop and illustrator. It will take me some time to get used to drawing on the iPad, not to mention not going Wow! Every other second, but I'm sure that in time me and my new buddies will be creating a lot of good stuff together.

Today I tried getting to know iDraw, and the result is this Mary Blair / Wiinblad inspired drawing. Designed and drawn with vectors in iDraw, and then exported to Procreate for some textures.